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There are 100 million women farmers in India who are the leading force in agriculture today. These are often the invisible face who work long hours in tedious and back-breaking tasks in the fields and hence there is a need to acknowledge their contribution, and provide them with the necessary opportunities, training and equipment to help them become better farmers and improve their lives - Prerna is the result of this thinking and aspiration.

Prerna – A Mahindra initiative aimed to support and empower Indian women in agriculture.

At Mahindra, we believe that ‘doing good’ goes beyond philanthropy and CSR. It is more than just random acts of kindness. ‘Doing good’ is a purpose, an attitude, and a way of life. A guide for conducting business. And ourselves. In everything we do, we Rise for Good.

Prerna’s Vision - Transforming lives of women farmers by delivering prosperity, enabling them to Rise.

Build knowledge and capability to increase farm productivity

Reduce farm drudgery by introducing gender neutral farm tools

Create income stream and make them independent

Improve their social status and respect

Empower women in agriculture through promotion of efficient and ergonomic farm tools and equipment

There are 100 million women farmers many of whom work long hours in tedious and back-breaking tasks in the fields, often with tools and equipment not suited for women. Since October 2017, Prerna is addressing these issues with the promotion of gender neutral, efficient & ergonomic farm tools and equipment through well-designed, targeted interventions in 40+ villages in Lamtaput, Koraput district & Jashipur, Mayurbhanj district positively impacting lives of over 2000 women farmers.

Partnering with us on this noble initiative are the Central Institution for Women in Agriculture (CIWA), a department of the Government of India's Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the NGO Pradan (Professional Assistance for Development Action).

Creating livelihoods by demonstrating empowering model with women farmers for crop productivity enhancement

Started in November 2018, 'Prerna' initiative was started in 60 villages of three states - Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka and aims to outreach over 6000 women farmers and empower 600 champion women farmers as change makers in Agriculture. Through this initiative project efforts will be to closely work with women farmers to develop their capacities on improved agriculture practices, introduce on farm mechanizations and facilitate peer learning with other farmers. The project will be implemented in partnership with BAIF Institute for Sustainable Livelihoods and Development.

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