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Mahindra Rice Transplanter Machine: Types, Advantages & Uses

Oct 08, 2021

Growing rice manually on a paddy field is challenging, and it leads to your fingers being damaged and back deformation. However, that no longer needs to be the case for Indian rice farmers thanks to rice transplanter machines.
The rice transplanter machines make it easy to transplant seedlings into the delicate soil without damaging it, ensuring good crop yield and enhanced productivity. Here’s everything you need to know about rice paddy transplanters.

About rice transplanter

A rice transplanter is a specialised machine you can use to transplant rice seedlings into your paddy field as it makes sowing the seeds relatively easy. All you need to do is load it up with a rice nursery, and it will sow the seedlings into the soil.
A rice transplanter makes paddy farming easy and quick, as it automates most of the manual labour required for sowing. Plus, it can quicken the pace of transplanting from 700 square metres a day to 10,000 square meters a day.

Features of the rice transplanter machine

Rice transplanters have come a long way since their inception, and nowadays, you can get a transplanter machine with tons of features that make rice farming easy. Following are some of the best features you will find in most rice planter machines:
● A seedling tray (akin to a shed roof) atop which you can set a rice nursery
● A tray shifter that shifts the seedlings like a carriage in a typewriter
● Plural pickup forks that move the seedlings from the nursery and into the soil—imitating human fingers
Apart from these features, if you choose the Mahindra rice transplanter machine, you can also enjoy the following features:
● Powerful engine that makes trudging through the paddy field smooth and easy
● H-fork and push-rod double-action planting arrangement for precise planting
● Seedling feed and depth mechanism for proper seedling plantation
● 4WD and power-steering for easier manoeuvres and more tractability
● Effective, automatic hydraulic system, and many more.

Types of rice transplanter machines

Currently, in India, you can find two kinds of rice planter machines, depending on your needs and budget. The two types are as follows:

Riding type rice planter

A riding type rice planter machine is like a tractor, but a lot smaller—its light weight allows you to drive it on the paddy field without disturbing the soil. Here, you sit atop the tractor and drive it, and the planting applications at the rear take care of planting the seedlings into the soil through a meticulous process. Usually, riding type rice planters can transplant six lines of seedlings in one go.

Walking type transplanter

The walking type transplanter machine is more fundamental—you have to push the planter machine from behind and guide it along the ditches. It comprises the transplanting mechanism that takes the seedlings from the roof nursery and transplants them into the soil. While this type of transplanter is more economical to maintain; they can only transplant up to four lines in one go.

Advantages and benefits of the rice transplanter machine

The Mahindra rice planter machines offer terrific benefits and advantages that can improve your farming experience and yield. Here are a few of the advantages and how they benefit you:
● A transplanter makes the farming process fast and efficient, saving you manual effort, time, and plantation cost while letting you enhance your yield and quality of production
● The planter ensures more yield as it is fitted with precision instruments that transplant the seedling at the correct depth and distance from each other, so each seedling gets adequate air and water supply to grow into a healthy crop
● Planters take the burden of labour, so you don’t have to rely on labourers while planting
● Since the planter does most of the work, you don’t have to stress your mind and body, thus reducing the health risks that come with manual rice plantation
● The planter transplants the seedlings precisely into the soil, allowing your seedlings to recover fast and mature uniformly.

Best Mahindra rice transplanters

Being one of the farming equipment leaders, Mahindra has a solution for all kinds of Indian farmers. For rice farmers, we offer two types of rice transplanters, such as:

PlantingMaster Paddy 4RO

PlantingMaster Paddy 4RO is a 4-row rice transplanter for the modern Indian farmer. It is cheap to maintain, easy to operate, and more importantly, it ensures a unique combination of comfort and economy. It also ensures uniform and quicker seedling transplanting.
It makes all this possible with a powerful petrol engine with high torque and a system of mechanics for farming. The H-fork and push-rod double-action planting arrangement offer precise planting, and the transplanter also offers adjustable hill spacing and 5-step planting depth adjustment with 10-division seedling feed adjustment. And 4WD and power-steering are just the cherries on top that make the entire transplanting process all the easier.

Rice Transplanter MP461

Manual rice transplanting is labourious, time-consuming, and costly. Instead, you can upgrade to a walk-behind rice transplanter, like the Mahindra Rice Transplanter MP461, offering a mechanised solution that reduces time, cost, and drudgery that usually come with rice transplanting.
It is India’s first walk-behind transplanter, offering easy controls, rubber lugged wheels for improved traction, seedling feed, depth and wheel height adjustments, and an effective, precise hydraulic system to take care of all the load.
What are you waiting for? Make your rice transplanting easier with the most reliable and technologically advanced rice transplanters from Mahindra. Contact your nearest dealer to see them in action now!
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