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Potato Farming with Mahindra 475 Tractors

Feb 09, 2022

Every farmer is equipped with different kinds of agricultural implements for various farming purposes. So if you’re wondering where to get your farming equipment, your search ends here. Mahindra Tractor brings you a wide range of tractor implements and self-propelled farm machinery, for operations from land preparation to post harvesting. These agriculture equipment are built to suit a wide range of crops and farm sizes. Let’s take a look at the Mahindra rotary tiller, which is designed to deliver ultimate operational excellence and fuel economy.

Rotavator (rotary tiller) - introduction

A rotavator or a rotary tiller is a farm equipment used for land preparation. The rotavator machine is drawn by a tractor and utilised for a variety of purposes that include removing residues of past crops in a field, preparing the soil for the next crop, and levelling the earth for sowing the seeds. 

Types of rotavator

Mahindra Tractor has a range of rotavators across the light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty varieties. These types of rotavators are designed to aid your farming needs. Let’s take a look and see which Mahindra rotavator is the best to buy in India.

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX+

This Mahindra rotavator machine is designed for high performance in light and medium soils in both dry and wet soil conditions. Its light weight and robust design make it a complete solution for your tilling needs.

Mahindra Gyrovator SLX

This is a heavy-duty Mahindra rotavator, designed for moderate and hard soils. It delivers unmatched performance for your farming requirements such as breaking down soil clods or cutting and mixing crop residue in the soil.

Mahindra Paddyvator RLX

This Mahindra rotary tiller is perfect for your puddling purposes. Its unique design is built to make it the perfect match for the Mahindra Jivo 365 DI 4WD.

Mahindra Gyrovator WLX

This Mahindra rotary tiller for tractors is light in weight and designed for superior performance in wet lands. It can be used for both puddling and tilling purposes, especially on dry soil.

Mahindra Mahavator

This Mahindra rotavator is designed for durability in medium to heavy soils, in both wet and dry conditions. It delivers excellent performance for farming purposes like cutting and mixing crop residue in crops such as sugarcane and cotton, as well as dealing with tough crop residue.

Mahindra Tez-e ZLX

This Mahindra rotavator is India’s first digital rotavator. The rotavator is enabled to communicate with you via its app and guide you to adjust the speed of the tractor and tiller for ultimate performance.

Uses of rotavator in agriculture

There are multiple functions of a rotavator in agriculture. While a rotary tiller for tractor mainly serves the purpose of land preparation, here are some more rotavator uses on your farm:
● Breaking up the soil
● Levelling the earth
● Preparing the seedbeds
● Tilling the land
● Removing previous crop residue
● Removing weeds from the ground

Why buy a rotavator

Rotavators are important tractor implements for your farm. They serve as a multifunctional agriculture equipment that not only makes your farming process easier but also proves a worthy return of investment. Rotavator uses in agriculture are many, as explained above, but how exactly does this machinery work?
Well, the rotary cultivator is a motorised machine, which comes with attached blades that rotate and turn the soil. While similar to tillers, rotavators do the job much more efficiently and reduce the time it takes for you to prepare your land to lay down your next batch of crops. With its powerful blades, the rotavator machine covers large areas of land in a smaller span of time. This ultimately will enable you to quicken your cultivation process and yield better, faster, and far more efficient results. 

Advantages of a rotavator

As mentioned earlier, there are several rotavator uses and benefits for your farm. Let’s recap why these agricultural implements are essential for your farming needs. Here are the advantages of rotavators:
● Easy to operate among various tractor implements
● Covers large areas of land in a short period of time
● Reduces human labour required for the same purpose
● Minimizes fuel consumption
● Reduces time taken for various farming activities
● Increases the efficiency of your farming business

Mahindra rotavator features

Mahindra tractor has six types of rotary tillers that are designed to make your farming process easier and deliver superior performance. Here are some of the key features of Mahindra rotavators:
● Sturdy and multi-speed gearbox for high quality of pulverization
● Gear-driven transmission for a noise-free and smooth operation
● Mechanical oil seal to prevent dust from entering the bearings
● Adjustable trailing board that ensures a uniform surface for better water retention
● Oil filled bearings for better lubrication and longer life of rotavator machine
● High load bearing capacity for longer life of bearings
● High durability blades to reduce cost of maintenance
● Multiple depth adjuster that enables the adjustment of the depth for tilling
● Larger working width for faster coverage of land
● Superior aesthetics with paint gloss retention and welding finish
● Position-Auto Control (PAC) technology that prevents the rotary tiller from getting stuck (available with the Mahindra Paddyvator RLX)
While not every Mahindra rotavator will have all of the above features, contact your nearest dealer to get the rotavator that works best for your farming needs. Rest assured, every Mahindra rotary tiller is made of excellent quality and built to provide the ultimate performance.

Application of rotavator

While you already know the various rotavator uses, here’s how you can apply your rotavator to your farming operations:


A rotavator can break the soil clods with more efficiency by cutting through the ground and inverting the soil with its rotating blades, thus loosening and aerating it for the next batch of crops.  


Besides cutting through the soil, a rotary tiller can also be utilised to mix thrash uniformly, thus improving the quality of the soil.


Rotavators can till the land and level it uniformly to prepare seed beds for the next batch of crops. With fewer passes, this process becomes easier and faster with a rotavator machine.


Rotavators are also useful for removing weeds, stubble, grass and vegetable remains in the soil, retaining moisture, and aiding crop growth.
Rotavators have many uses in farming but it’s important to choose the right rotary tiller for your farm. Still wondering which Mahindra rotavator is best suited for your farming requirements? Call Mahindra Tractor at their toll-free number 18004256576, which remains open for communication seven days a week or drop an email to [email protected]. You can also get in touch with a dealer through the website; they will help you find the right rotavator for your needs.
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