Agricultural Implements

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Agricultural Implements

Mahindra offers a complete range of mechanization solutions from land preparation to post-harvest, which addresses every farmer's requirement to deliver the best at every stage of farm operation. These implements have been designed to perform best with Mahindra's range of technologically advanced tractors. When used with Mahindra tractors, these implements deliver more, faster and better quality of work.

To help farmers select the right implement best suited for their crop, soil type and Mahindra Tractor, a simple 3 step process has been devised. One just needs to select the desired option from each of the steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Choose Crop
Step 2: Select Soil type, and
Step 3: Select Tractor HP

Based on the selections made, a list of implements suitable for each stage of farming will be displayed.

Alternately, one can also visit implements section to access information on any specific implement available in our portfolio.

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