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Disc Plough

The Mahindra AppliTrac's Disc Plough is a 3 point linkage primary land preparation implement. It is used for digging soil, generally more useful for soft soil condition.

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  • The width of the cut of plough can be adjusted for optimum coverage. (1").
  • Crushes the clods into fine particles i.e. better tilth as compared to standard cultivator.

  • Scrappers are provided so that stuck material can be automatically removed, the Disc Plough helps keep the load on tractor in check with better fuel efficiency.
  • Effective for puddling due to better churning of soil and less slippage as compared to cultivator.

  • Ensures effective cutting and mixing of stubbles and weeds with better mixing of manure.


  2 Disc Plough 3 Disc Plough 4 Disc Plough
Overall Length (mm) 1600 mm 1600 mm 3000 mm
Overall Width (mm) 1321 mm 1321 mm 1260 mm
Overall Height (mm) 1270 mm 1270 mm 1220 mm
Number of discs 2 3 4
Diameter of disc (mm) 660 660 660
Depth of cut (mm) 254 254 254
Total Weight (kg) 331 385 495
compatible tractor 22.4-29.8 kW(30-40 HP) > 29.8 kW(40 HP) 52.2 kW(70 HP) & above
Tractor HP 35 55-70 50
Loadability 72 60 50

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Better pulling power and suitable speed options to match the speed of Disc Plough.
  • More torque at less RPM(full torque at 1300 rpm) gives better fuel economy.

  • The Hy-tech hydraulic technology helps in faster lifting and lowering of the Disc Plough.