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Fertilizer Spreader

Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader has been specially designed for spreading fertilizers in the field. This technology has been introduced for the first time in India. This machine is a three point linkage mounted implement and can be transported from one place to other.

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  • Saves time, labour and fertilizers during operation as it covers more area in same time.
  • Enables faster spreading of fertilizer and saves spreading time.

  • Uniform distribution due to use of protection metering system ensuring complete protection.
  • Preferred by majority of farmers as it has a simple operating mechanism and is easy to maintain.

  • Replaces manual spreading and reduces consumption of fertilizers or seeds.


Size150 L to 500 L
Working Width 8-12 m
No. of Disc 1 Disc
Transport Width : 0.8 m - 1.15 m
Spread Width (m)0.8 m to 1.2 m
Operating RPM540
Matching HPAbove 25 HP
Opening & AgitatorManual Controllable Openings Inbuilt Agitator

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Better SFC makes it more economical to use.
  • Less fuel consumption as maximum PTO power is attained at 540 rpm.

  • Due to the dual clutch feature, the PTO operation remains unaffected when the clutch is pressed for change of gear.