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Laser Leveller

Unevenness of the soil surface has a significant impact on the germination, stand and yield of crops. Mahindra AppliTrac's Laser leveller levels the field within certain degree of desired slope. The Laser Leveller deeply shifts soil from the high points of the field to the low points and hence assists escalating the yielding ability of the soil.

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  • Advanced & précised laser technology for levelling the field which automatically lifts and lowers the soil. This does not happen automatically in leveller.
  • Electric control panel displays signals indicating drag bucket’s position relative to the finished grade.

  • Normally preferred by farmers having large pieces of land esp. for commercial purposes.
  • Reduces soil erosion and excessive water accumulation by levelling the land uniformly.

  • Enhanced soil moisture distribution & better germination.
  • Used for fine levelling operations like seedbed preparations for paddy.

  • Land levelling by Mahindra laser leveller results in optimum utilization of water, high speed working & reduction in weeding cost.


 670 mm Class II
Accuracy1.5 mm/30 m (Negative & positive)
Drag bucket (mm)1980X610X812 mm
Cylinder Type2 MJ double acting hydraulic cylinder
Scrapper bladeAlloy steel

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Better pulling power reduces the time taken to complete the operations.
  • Better SFC makes it more economical to use.

  • Optimum auxilary hydraulic output of tractor makes the operation of laser leveller more efficient.