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Post Hole Digger

Mahindra Post hole digger is attached with the tractor to dig holes in types of land for various purpose such as erection of electric poles, sapling plantation and erection of fence.

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  • Comes in different sizes from 12 inch to 36 inch hole size.
  • Digs up holes at a very rapid pace of 1 hole per minute.

  • Speed of operations can be controlled.
  • Can dig up 50 to 60 holes in an hour by using up only 4 liters of diesel.

  • Mechanically driven from tractor PTO.
  • Significantly cheaper and faster than manual labor for digging up such holes.

  • Lifting lowering is easy due to 3 point linkage and hydraulics.
  • Low cost of operation as fuel consumption is very low.


Specifications – 2 wheel tippingPHD 12"PHD 18"PHD 24"PHD 36"
Diameter of bore, (mm) 305457610914
Mounting 3 point linkage3 point linkage3 point linkage3 point linkage
Auger Weight Kgs 30425462
Digger Weight Kgs (Approx)165165165165
Suitable HP Range (Approx)26.1 kW (35 HP)26.1 kW (35 HP)29.8 kW (40 HP)44.7 kW (60 HP)

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Low on maintenance & operational cost.
  • Easy to control as mounted on 3 point linkage.

  • Use of power from PTO enables faster operations.