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Riding Type Rice Transplanter

Rice transplantation has a short sowing time frame available, it is critical to sow rice within this duration. Manual transplantation involves a lot of hardwork & consumes more time. Mechanisation in rice transplantation removes human drudgery and also helps sow rice faster. Mahindra AppliTrac's Riding Type Rice Transplanter ensures precise transplantation by maintaining plant to plant distance & number of saplings per hill which helps better weeding & interculture and contributes to overall productivity.

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  • Powerful 20 hp petrol engine for operating in severe wetland condition.
  • HST continuously variable transmission.

  • Precise transplantation enables high yield.
  • Low cost of operation and helps do away hiring manual labor.

  • Power steering for operating comfort.
  • Low vibration level does not cause fatigue to operator.

  • Available in 6 row and 8 row.
  • Requires less maintenance.

  • 4 wheel drive for deep fields.
  • Works at a higher speed thus saves a lot of time.

  • Fast speed of operation helps save time.
  • Distance between rows, each plant and depth of planting is uniformly maintained.


No. of Rows 6 Row
TypeRide on type
Planting pitch (cm)16,18,20 cm
SteeringPower steering
Speed changeHST
planting systemRotary
Planting pitch in (cm)18,20,22,24
Planting depth (cm)2-5 cm in 5 depth
Row to Row distance (cm)30 cm
Weight in Kgs. (Approx)830 kg
Type of enginePetrol/Diesel