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Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill

Mahindra Seed drill is used for sowing of different type of seeds. The seed drill effectively sows seeds at equal distances and proper depth and helps avoid wastage.

Note: Image is for representation purpose only.


  • Row to row distance can be maintained as per crop requirement.
  • Better yield of crops due to proper sowing of seeds.

  • Seeds are sown in uniform quantity in the rows leading to less seed wastage.
  • Seed rate can be adjusted depending on size of seed, seed manufacturer recommendation and type of seed.


Name Tractor Operated ( profile model) Seed cum fertilizer drill ( 1+ 1+ 1)
Model SD-CT-11
No.of Rows Available in 7 to 13 tynes
Row to row spacing Standard & adjustable
Fertilizer quantity jack mounting
Seed quantity jack mounting
Seed dropping Vertical roatating distance with cells on its periphery
Different seeds Groundnut, Garlic, wheat, Cummin, Sesamum Mustard gram, pear millet, Kidney been, Phaseolis mungo, Niger corn, Soya been Caster, Cottonseed, Pigeon Pea
SD-CT-7 SD-CT- 9 SD-CT-11 SD-CT- 13
No. of tines
7 9 11 13
Weight (Kg.)
390 410 430 450
Raw Spacing Adjustable
Seed drilling Depth Adjustable
Overall width 83 X 48 X 60 ( In box size packing)
Seed Capacity 100 kg
Fertilizer Capacity 100 kg
Types of tynes profile cutting
Seed metering Device cell type
Fertilizer metering Device cell type
Metering Device Drive Metering device drive is from front mounted ground wheel with spring loaded chain
Ground wheel one 15 diameter spriked roller with spring to maintain contact with ground
Operating tractor 26.1 kW (35 HP) onwards

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • The Seed cum fertilizer drill matches the PTO RPM of tractor and hence saves fuel during operation.
  • By using blending control (PC and DC lever setting) the Seed cum fertilizer drill drops the seeds at uniform depth (2-3").