Square Baler

Mahindra Square Baler is designed to consistently make dense & well shaped bales so that they are easy to handle, store & transport. Mahindra Baler clears the crop residue in the shortest possible time so that land can be prepared for the next crop.

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  • *Hydraulic Control Leavers for ease of operation, higher productivity, operator comfort & saving time
  • Heavy duty Knotter mechanism for high performance & durability

  • *Rear support wheel to help in maneuverability on narrow roads & protects the pick up from abrupt load
  • Bale Chamber with Adjustable Springs Helps in attaining optimum bale density depending upon residue moisture

  • Removes dust practicles from Knotter assembly thus preventing Knotter parts from wearing out faster, Keeping it cold and helps in increasing Knotter efficiency
  • *Tamper - proof Electronic Bale Counter to show the exact number of bales made

  • 5 Arm Pick-up Unit with 110 times- Optimum 180 cm pickup width for higher work efficienecy and minimum crop loss.
  • Slip clutch protection is provided both at PTO transmission & Pick-up drive to avoid major failures in case of abrupt load on the machine

  • Separate Hay Fork Drive for Hayforks to ensure smooth operation of baler and prevent choking with excessive straw
  • Heavy duty chassis for superior reliability & durability

*Optional Features


Chamber Size36 x 36 cm
Stroke73 cm
Ram Stroke92 Stroke/ Min
Feed Window1570 cm2
Productivity2000-2500 Bales/day
Bale Length30-135 cm
Bale Weight25-35 kg
Knotter Set2 twines
Pick-up Width180 cm
Bar Gap70 mm
Tine Bars5
Number of Tines110 item
Tire Right10,0/ 75-15,3
Tire Left10,0/ 75-15,3
Rear Middle Support Wheel16,5 x 6,50 - 8 6PR
Weight2192 kg
Length of Baler (on road)553 cm
Length of Baler (on duty)638 cm
Width of Baler255 cm
Hight of Baler187 cm
Minimum Power Requirement37.3-44.7 kW (50 - 60 HP)
PTO drive540 RPM
Transmission2 Shaft

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Higher engine torque leads to lesser RPM drop, lesser load on the tractor
  • Reduced clutch usage due to higher no. of gears speeds, required for variable straw quantity

  • Lower tractor fuel consumption