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Sub Soiler

Mahindra AppliTrac's subsoiler is a primary tractor mounted implement which offers maximum depth to loosen and break up soil. Most tractor mounted cultivation tools will break up and turn over surface soil to a depth of (6-8")while a subsoiler will break up and loosen soil to twice those depths. The Mahindra subsoiler operates at a speed of 3 to 5kmph.The subsoiler helps improve growth in all crops where soil compaction is a problem. In agriculture, angled wings are used to lift and shatter the hard pan that builds up due to compaction. The design provides deep tillage which helps loosen soil at deeper levels than any other equipment.

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  • Offers Maximum depth (18-24") amongst all ploughs to bring sub soil onto the surface for better yield output.
  • Removes unwanted grass and destroys breeding places of pests from deep within the soil.

  • Moisture retaining capacity of soil increases due to deep penetration of the subsoiler. Can be used as the first application in the cultivation process on barren lands.
  • when used with a Mahindra tractors is highly reliable, reduces engine maintenance, saves fuel and time.


  1 Row 2 Row 3 Row
No.of arm 1 arm 2 arm 3 arm
Length (mm) 510 525 825
Width (mm) 660 1200 1500
Height (mm) 1060 Adjustable 1050 to 1350 Adjustable 1050 to 1350
Tyne (mm) 150 X 25 150 X 25 150 X 25
Weight (Kgs.) 65 165 250

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Mahindra tractors offer better pulling power for operations with Sub Soiler.
  • More torque at less RPM (Full torque at 1300 rpm) gives better fuel economy.

  • Mahindra Tractor engines are reliable and low on maintenance best suited for operations with Sub Soiler.