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Mahindra Mechanical Thresher offers speedy threshing operation for crops like wheat and rice in comparison to manual operations and helps reduce drudgery.

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  • It is a Tractor PTO driven application which helps separate the grains from the husk.
  • Better cleaning ability as compared to traditional threshing technique.

  • Adjustable skid height along with sugarcane height.
  • Thresher can be taken to any place in field for crop threshing.

  • Offers easy operating mechanism with low operational cost due to lesser load on tractor.


DriveMobile machine that can be either powered from Cane thumper or Tractor. PTO or an independent 5 Hp Diesel engine
The speed of conveyor rollers2 m/s
The width of rollers is enough to accommodate at a time7-10 canes

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Less fuel consumption as maximum PTO power is attained at 540 rpm.
  • Less RPM drop due to better engine torque.

  • Reverse PTO application enables reverse rotation of PTO shaft so that material stuck in the drum can be easily removed.