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Vertical Conveyar Reaper

Mahindra vertical conveyer reaper offers speedy harvesting operation for crops like wheat, rice, soyabean in comparison to manual operations and helps reduce drugery.

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  • It is a Tractor PTO driven application mounted on front side of tractor.
  • Three number of conveyers offer better efficiency of work.

  • Suitable for 22.3 kW to 44.7 kW (30 to 60 HP) tractors.
  • Mouting and demounting on tractor is very simple and easy.

  • Offers easy operating mechanism with low operational cost due to lesser load on tractor.
  • Fix mounting on front chassis of tractor .


DriveDriven on tractor rear or front PTO 540 RPM
Number of crop diver7
Working width2280 mm
Main frame100X 100
Number of conveyers3
Suitable for 22.4 kW (30 HP) to 44.7 kW (60 HP)

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Less load on tractro enables ease in operation and low operational cost.
  • Mounting and demounting on tractor is easy.

  • Three convyers offer better efficiency of work.