ARJUN NOVO 605 DI-I-WITH AC CABIN is a 42.5 kW (57 HP) technologically advanced tractor which gives you the comfort of air conditioning even on the hottest field conditions. It’s dust & noise free cabin ensures longer working hours and improves productivity.ARJUN NOVO AC cabin can handle 40 farming applications which include puddling, harvesting, reaping and haulage amongst others. ARJUN NOVO is loaded with features such as lift capacity of 2200 kg, advanced synchromesh 15F + 3R transmission and longest service interval of 400 hours. ARJUN NOVO delivers uniform and consistent power with minimum RPM drop in all application and soil conditions. Its high lift capacity hydraulic system, makes it suitable for numerous farming and haulage operations. An ergonomically designed operator station, low maintenance and best in class fuel efficiency in the category are some of the key highlights of this technologically advanced tractor.

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AC cabin feature

  • Keeps you cool even in the hottest working conditions
  • Noise proof cabin
  • Dust proof cabin
  • Waterproof cabin
  • Ensures productivity
  • Keeps you comfortable for longer working hours
  • Shift. And it will make anything happen.

    The Arjun Novo can successfully perform a broad range of farming applications, with new high-medium-low transmission system and 15F+3R gears that offer 7 additional unique speeds.

    Every gear shift is a smooth one.

    The Arjun Novo boasts of synchromesh transmission that guarantees smooth gear changes and comfortable driving. A guide plate ensures that the gear lever always stays in the straight line groove for timely and accurate gear changes.

    Level of precision? Unmatched.

    The Arjun Novo comes with a fast-response hydraulic system that detects changes in soil condition for precise lifting and lowering in to order to maintain a uniform soil depth.

    Stops exactly when you want it to.

    Experience anti-skid braking, even at higher speeds, with the Arjun Novo's superior ball and ramp technology braking system. The 3 brakes on either side of the tractor and a large braking surface area to ensure smooth braking.

    Clutch failure? A problem of the past.

    With a 306 cm clutch that is the largest in its category, the Arjun Novo enables effortless clutch operation and minimizes clutch wear and tear.

    An economic PTO mode to save more fuel.

    The Arjun Novo allows the operator to save maximum fuel by choosing the economy PTO mode during times of low power requirement.

    Keep cool no matter what the season.

    The Arjun Novo's high operator seating channelizes the hot air from the engine to escape from below the tractor so that the operator can enjoy a heat-free sitting environment.

    An air filter with zero choking.

    The Arjun Novo's air cleaner is the biggest in its category which prevents choking of the air filter and guarantees hassle-free operation of the tractor, even during dusty applications.

    Shuttle shift

    Single lever for reversing tractor in the same speed, For faster working in agri handling applications, Easy and comfortable operations for long hours, Speed option 1.69 Min & 33.23 Max, Synchro Shuttle (15 Forward + 15 Reverse Gears)


    • Gyrovator
    • Potato Digger

    • Harvester
    • Puddling

    • Straw Reaper
    • Cultivator

    • Laser Levellor


    Engine power 42.5 kW (57 HP)
    No.of Cylinders 4
    Displacement (cm3) 3,531
    Air Cleaner Dry Type with clog indicator
    Rated RPM 2,100 r/min
    Cooling System Forced Circulation of Coolant
    Fuel Tank (litre) 66 l
    Length (mm) 3,660
    Height (till exhaust pipe) (mm) 2,130
    Wheelbase (mm) 2,145
    Transmission Type Mechnical, Synchromesh
    No. of Speeds 15R + 3R
    Forward Speed (Minimum) 1.69 km/h
    Forward Speed (Maximum) 33.23 km/h
    Reverse Speed (Minimum) 3.18 km/h
    Reverse Speed (Maximum) 17.72 km/h
    Clutch Dual Diaphragm Type
    Main Clutch 306 cm
    PTO Clutch 280 cm
    PTO 37.5 kW (50.3 HP)
    PTO Type SLIPTO, 540+R/540+540E
    PTO Speed RPM 540 r/min
    Hydraulic Pump Flow (l/min) 42
    Lift Capacity (kg) 2200 kg
    Brakes & Steering
    Brake Type Mechanical, oil immersed multi disc brakes
    Steering Type Power steering
    Front 7.5 x 16
    Rear 16.9 x 28

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