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Tractor Mounted Combine Harvester : Mahindra Harvest Master 4WD

Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 4WD is a multi-crop tractor mounted combine harvester, also called tractor harvester or TMCH and has been designed and developed by Mahindra as a perfect match for the Mahindra Arjun Novo series of tractors. This tractor mounted combine harvester or tractor harvester delivers superior performance in both semi-wet and wet soil conditions. This tractor harvester can be used for harvesting paddy, wheat, soybean and several pulses.

Faster coverage
Lesser grain loss
Lower fuel consumption
Ability to harvest early morning and late evening




Product Tractor Mounted Combine Harvester
Model Name Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 4WD
Compatible tractor  
Model Arjun Novo 605 DI-I / 655 DI
Engine Power kW (HP) 41.56 kW and 47.80 kW (approximately 57 HP and 65 HP)
Drive Type 4WD
Cutter Bar Assembly  
Working Width (mm) 3690
Cutting Height (mm) 30-1000
Cutter Bar Auger Diameter-575 (mm) X Width-3560 (mm)
Number of Knife Blades 49
Number of Knife Guards 24
Knife Stroke (mm) 80
Reel Assembly  
Range of Speed at Engine (r/min)  
Minimum r/min 30
Maximum r/min 37
Reel Diameter (mm) 885
Feeder Table Type Comb & Chain
Thresher Mechanism  
Thresher Drum  
Width (mm) 1120
Diameter of Thresher Drum (mm) 592
Range of Speed at Engine r/min  
Minimum r/min 600
Maximum r/min 800
Range of Adjusting Clearance Front (mm) 12 to 30
  Rear (mm) 16 to 40
Adjustment An adjustment lever is provided at RHS of operator for adjusting the clearance
Cleaning Sieves  
Number of Upper Sieves 2
Upper Sieve Area (m2) 1.204/0.705
Lower Sieve Area (m2) 1.156
Straw Walker  
Number. of Straw Walkers 5
Number of Steps 4
Length (mm) 3540
Width (mm) 210
Grain Tank (kg) Paddy: 750 kg
Grain Tank (m3) 1.9
Front (Drive wheels) 16.9 -28, 12 PR
Rear (Steering wheels) 9.5-24, 8 PR
Overall Dimensions  
Length with trailer/without trailer (mm) 11315/6630
Width (mm) 2560
Height (mm) 3680
Ground Clearance (mm) 380
Mass of Tractor Mounted Combine Harvester (kg) 6920
Chassis Width (m) 1168
Track Width  
Front (mm) 2050
Rear (mm) 2080
Minimum Turning Diameter  
With Brake (m) 12.1 (LH) /12.44 (RH)
Without Brake (m) 16.7 (LH) /16.9 (RH)


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