Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractor

Introducing the powerhouse of productivity - The Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractor! This latest tractor packs an advanced 36.3 kW (48.7 HP) engine with a higher max. torque, higher torque backup with power steering, and 1800 kg of hydraulics lifting capacity. The Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractor is a tractor that can effectively help increase productivity. It also reflects the excellence and longevity that you expect from any Mahindra tractor. The Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractors are equipped with MSPTO which provides a choice of 4 different PTO speeds to perform various agricultural, PTO-driven & non-agricultural applications. Boost your productivity and take your farming game to new heights with the Mahindra Arjun 605 DI MS Tractor.


A Quick Guide to Choose Better

Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractor
  • Engine Power (kW)36.3 kW (48.7 HP)
  • Maximum Torque (Nm)214 Nm
  • Maximum PTO power (kW)33.0 kW (44.3 HP)
  • Rated RPM (r/min)2100
  • Number of Gears8 F + 2 R
  • Number of Engine Cylinders4
  • Steering TypePower Steering
  • Rear Tyre Size16.9 X 28
  • Transmission TypeFCM
  • Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg)1800

Special Features

Every Gear Shift is Smooth One

The Arjun Novo boasts of synchromesh transmission that guarantees smooth gear changes and comfortable driving. A guide plate ensures that the gear lever always stays in the straight line groove for timely and accurate gear changes.

Unmatched Level of Precision

The Arjun Novo comes with a fast-response hydraulic system that detects changes in soil condition for precise lifting and lowering in to order to maintain a uniform soil depth.

Stop Exactly When You Want

Experience anti-skid braking, even at higher speeds, with the Arjun Novo's superior ball and ramp technology braking system. The 3 brakes on either side of the tractor and a large braking surface area to ensure smooth braking.

Clutch Failure? A Problem of the Past

With a 306 cm clutch that is the largest in its category, the Arjun Novo enables effortless clutch operation and minimizes clutch wear and tear.

Keep Cool No Matter What the Season is

The Arjun Novo's high operator seating channelizes the hot air from the engine to escape from below the tractor so that the operator can enjoy a heat-free sitting environment.

An Air Filter with Zero Choking

The Arjun Novo's air cleaner is the biggest in its category which prevents choking of the air filter and guarantees hassle-free operation of the tractor, even during dusty applications.

Best-suited for Multiple Crops
Implements that Can Fit
  • Cultivator
  • M B Plough (Mannual/Hydraulics)
  • Rotary tiller
  • Gyrovator
  • Harrow
  • Tipping trailer
  • Full cage wheel
  • Half cage wheel
  • Ridger
  • Planter
  • Leveler
  • Thresher
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Baler
  • Seed drill
  • Loader


A Quick Guide to Choose Better

  • Select up to 2 models to compare specifications

    • Engine Power (kW)

    • Maximum Torque (Nm)

    • Maximum PTO power (kW)

    • Rated RPM (r/min)

    • Number of Gears

    • Number of Engine Cylinders

    • Steering Type

    • Rear Tyre Size

    • Transmission Type

    • Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg)

  • Mahindra ARJUN 605 DI MS Tractor

    • 36.3 kW (48.7 HP)
    • 214 Nm
    • 33.0 kW (44.3 HP)
    • 2100
    • 8 F + 2 R
    • 4
    • Power Steering
    • 16.9 X 28
    • FCM
    • 1800
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