Mahindra OJA 2127 Tractor

The Mahindra OJA 2127 Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to make your work efficient during the longest days. The engine power of 20.5 kW (27 HP) and hydraulics lifting capacity of 950 kg take on hard-to-handle chores, and the quality of components, engineering and assembly are to be bet on. These tractors have been expertly designed to bring comfort, convenience and precision in vineyard, orchard farming, intercultural and puddling operations.


Mahindra OJA 2127 Tractor
  • Engine Power (kW)20.5 kW (27 HP)
  • Maximum Torque (Nm)83.4 Nm
  • Maximum PTO power (kW)17 kW (22.8 HP)
  • Rated RPM (r/min)2700
  • Number of Gears12 F + 12 R
  • Number of Engine Cylinders3
  • Steering TypePower steering
  • Rear Tyre Size210.82 mm x 508 mm (8.3 in x 20 in)
  • Transmission TypeConstant mesh with synchro shuttle
  • Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg)950

Special Features

F/R Shuttle (12 x 12)

This advanced gear gives you more reverse options, so you can work faster and more comfortably in smaller fields. And saves 15-20% of time, every time you turn.


The ePTO automatically engages and disengages the PTO, while the electric wet PTO clutch provides smooth and precise operation.


Creeper mode makes sure you never miss the mark with the lowest speed of 0.3 km/h. Now, sow seeds with the utmost precision and complete the plastic mulching independently, with ease.

Auto Implement Lift

The auto implement lift and electronic depth & draft control hydraulics make it easy to operate your tractor, during tough tasks.

Auto PTO (on/off)

The Auto PTO (On/Off) saves costly fertilizers and pesticides by automatically switching PTO On & Off on turning & reverse.

Tilt & Telescopic Steering

This allows you to adjust the angle and height of the steering wheel to suit your comfort.

Powerful 3DI Engine

The powerful 3DI compact engine delivers smooth operation, best-in-class NVH, and maximum torque for enhanced productivity.

Auto Start

Keyless push button to switch On/Off the engine. It is faster than manual starting and pull to stop.

GPS Track Live Location

This feature helps you track the location of your tractor from anywhere and geofence, thus giving you less dependency on the driver.

Diesel Monitoring

The fuel gauge sensors are linked to the instrument cluster and help you ensure zero downtime while avoiding fuel theft.


EQL offers electronic quick lifting & lower the three point linkage offering ease of farming.

Fender Switch to Lift Implements

Now you can lift or lower the 3 point linkage from fender offering extreme ease to hitch the implements independently.

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Engine Power (kW) 20.5 kW (27 HP)
Maximum Torque (Nm) 83.4 Nm
Maximum PTO power (kW) 17 kW (22.8 HP)
Rated RPM (r/min) 2700
Number of Gears 12 F + 12 R
Number of Engine Cylinders 3
Steering Type Power steering
Rear Tyre Size 210.82 mm x 508 mm (8.3 in x 20 in)
Transmission Type Constant mesh with synchro shuttle
Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg) 950

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