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The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI tractors are powerful, feature-rich machines that can transform the future of your agricultural business. This latest tractor offers a 29.8 kW (40 HP) engine, 12 F + 3 R gears, four cylinders, manual and power steering option, 1500 kg of Hydraulics Lifting Capacity, and much more. Moreover, it is a Mahindra 4x4 tractor built with advanced technology to meet all your needs. This Mahindra 40-HP tractor has a 2-speed Power Take-Off (PTO), enhanced engine cooling system, advanced control valve, modern transmission system, bigger air cleaner, larger radiator, sturdy design, and comfor seating. Moreover, the MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI tractor ensures higher output with precision and in lesser time. The 40-HP Mahindra tractor is one of the best YUVO tractors that can also perform over 30 different applications. Some of these include Ridger, Potato and Groundnut Digger, Thresher, Seed Drill, Water Pump, Disc Plough, Cultivator, Harrow, Leveller, Tipping Trailer, Post Hole Digger, Gyrovator, and Mb Plough. So, you may rest assured that investing in this Mahindra Yuvo 415 tractor can help increase productivity and profit.

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  • Seed Drill
  • Water Pump
  • Genset
  • Leveller
  • Single Axle Trailer
  • Tipping Trailer
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Gyrovator
  • Mb Plough

    Engine Power (kW)29.8 kW (40 HP)
    Maximum Torque (Nm)158.4 Nm
    Maximum PTO power (kW)26.5 kW (35.5 HP)
    Number of Gears 12 F + 3 R
    Engine Power (kW)29.8 kW (40 HP)
    Maximum Torque (Nm)158.4 Nm
    Maximum PTO power (kW)26.5 kW (35.5 HP)
    Number of Gears 12 F + 3 R
    Number of Cylinders 4
    Steering Type Manual / Power
    Rear Tyre 13.6 x 28
    Transmission Type Full Constant Mesh
    Ground speeds (km/h) F - 1.45 km/h - 30.61 km/h <br> R - 2.05 km/h / 5.8 km/h /11.2 km/h
    Clutch Single clutch dry friction plate (optional:-Dual clutch-CRPTO)
    Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg) 1500

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    The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI is a 29.9 kW (40 HP) tractor equipped with several features including high back-up torque, 12F+3R gears, high lift capacity, adjustable deluxe seat, powerful wrap-around clear lens headlamps, and much more. These features along with its powerful, four-cylinder engine ensure you get value for money.

    Packed with several top-notch features like backup torque, an adjustable seat, and a powerful, four-cylinder engine with a 29.8 kW (40 HP) power, the MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI is a strong performer on the field. Get in touch with an authorized dealer near you to get the latest MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI’s price.

    The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI is packed with advanced technology, powerful four-cylinder engine, smooth transmission features, and advanced hydraulics that allow it to do much more than other tractors. The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI can be used with farm implements like the cultivator, thresher, seed drill, plow, Gyrovator, and trailer.

    The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI is a powerful tractor that can be used with multiple implements for a variety of operations in addition to agricultural activities. It is loaded with several useful features. The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI warranty comprises two years or 2,000 hours of work, whichever comes earlier.

    The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI is a powerful, new-age tractor with a 29.9 kW (40 HP) four-cylinder engine. It also boasts of advanced hydraulics, higher back-up torque, a great lifting capacity, and much more. The MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI mileage also is good and is testimony to Mahindra tractors fuel efficiency.

    The new age MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI has a powerful four-cylinder 29.9 kW (40 HP) engine that allows it to do more on the field. It is packed with advanced features and higher back-up torque, 12F+3R gears, superior lifting capacity, adjustable deluxe seat, and much more. All these factors contribute to a higher MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI resale value.

    It is a simple process to find authorized MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI dealers. Go to the official website of Mahindra Tractors and click on Dealer Locator. Here, you can find a list of Mahindra Tractors dealers in India. To narrow down the list, you can filter by the region or state you are in.

    The advanced features and superior four-cylinder engine of the MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI open doors to new possibilities in farming. It is simple to use and can be utilized for several farming applications. It has a high lifting capacity and an adjustable seat to ensure comfort. MAHINDRA YUVO 415 DI service is also a simple process thanks to easy availability of spare parts.

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