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Potato Farming with Mahindra 475 Tractors

Sep 02, 2021

Potato farming is arduous and unique, and it requires specialised implements, and more importantly, tractors that can handle these implements. Fortunately, Mahindra Tractors is here to take care of that for you. The Mahindra 475 line of tractors are specially designed with potato farming in mind, and with its unique, high-tech features, it can take care of potato farming for you.

Potato Farming Made Easier with Mahindra 475 DI

The rugged features of Mahindra 475 tractors are unparalleled in the market, making potato farming much easier for you. What’s more, with the right tips and techniques, you can further improve your farming operations and cut down the losses, harvest more efficiently, and earn better results during the process. Here are some of the main features of the 475 tractors.

Massive Backup Torque

Nearly 10% of the crop gets wasted during transport during regular potato farming due to long journeys and delays. However, you can cut down these losses by up to 50% using Mahindra 475 tractors that come with massive backup torque, which allows you to haul more potato stock to the destination at higher speeds with better fuel economy.

More Torque at Low RPM

When potato digging, you must drive the tractor slowly, at low RPMs, to keep the implements planted in soil. While doing so, the tractor may need to have adequate torque to prevent stalling or crankshaft problems, and Mahindra 475 is your best bet. The line of tractors offers massive levels of low-end torque at 850 to 1000 RPM, where it matters the most, so you have an easy and efficient potato digging operation.

High PTO Power for Implements and Applications

For potato grading, you must use the best machines, and not all tractors can handle the high-level grading. But Mahindra 475 DI tractors do. Our tractors offer the highest PTO power in their respective segments, so you can choose the application you want, and the tractor will take care of the rest for you.

Bow Type Front Axle

The Mahindra 475 DI tractors come with a bow type front axle, which allows the tractor to have a much shorter wheelbase without compromising the structure or performance. With the axle, manoeuvring the tractor becomes easy with a short turning radius.

mLift Hydraulic System

The 475 line comes with a high-tech mLift system that offers precious digging and pulling for potatoes. In essence, when the digger is pulling and separating potatoes and the soil, the lift system ensures the implement remains at a constant preset height. Additionally, the system is also specifically designed for a potato belt to pull the belt along with it with ease, thanks in particular to the control valve.
The hydraulic system also makes it effortless to lift heavy potato implements like the planter, rotovator, digger, etc., with high lift capacity.

Other Comfort Features

While potato digging is its forte, Mahindra 475 does not compromise on comfort. It offers various creature comfort features like power steering, easy to reach gear levers and controls, cushioned seat, dual-clutch constant mesh gearbox, and much more—so that you can spend an entire day in the field without feeling too tired at the end. 

The Mahindra 475 Tractor Range

When you want the best potato farming tractor, you don’t have to settle for anything. We offer a variety of 475 tractors, and you can choose the one that fits you the most. They vary in terms of features, looks, and performance, but each can make potato farming effortless for you.

Mahindra 475 DI

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● A powerful, long-stroke, 4-cylinder diesel engine that produces 31.31 kW (42 HP)
● Rated RPM of 1900 for low-speed operations
● Constant-mesh gearbox with 8F+2R configurations
● Optional power steering
● Maximum hydraulic lift of 1500 kg

Mahindra 475 DI SP Plus

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● Powerful ELS 4-cylinder engine that produces 32.8 kW (44HP) and 172 Nm with water cooling
● Max PTO of 29 kW (38.9 HP) rated at 2000 RPM
● Constant-mesh gearbox with dual-clutch in 8F+2R configuration
● Hydraulic lift capacity of 1500 kg
● Hydraulic pump flow of 29.5 l/m

Mahindra 475 DI XP Plus

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● Rugged, industrial exteriors for the toughest terrains and farming operations
● Powerful long-stroke engine with 32.8 kW (44 HP) and 172.1 Nm with a max power rated torque of 142 Nm and PTO of 29 kW (38.9 HP)
● Constant-mesh gearbox with 8F+2R configuration
● Maximum lift capacity of 1480 kg

Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI

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● Modern looks and comfort features to suit the modern Indian farmer
● Powerful ELS DI engine that produces 31.3 kW (42 HP) and 168.4 Nm
● 2-speed PTO rated at 28.7 kW (38.5 HP) with an advanced control valve
● Constant-mesh gearbox with dual-clutch with 12F+3R configuration
● Advanced air cleaner and radiator
● High lift capacity of 1500 kg
If you are looking to make your potato farming operations easier, look no further than the Mahindra 475 tractor series. Contact your nearest Mahindra Tractor dealer to know which 475 tractor is perfect for you and book a test ride. 
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