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Mahindra Tractor Service

Mahindra Tractor Service aims to become 1st choice for its customers, by putting customers first and focusing on service and support for farming solutions. The SEVA Approach, which stands for Service Quality, Energizing Relationship, Value Added Service, and Assurance & Trust, outlines the core principles and commitments of the service.

*Note - Our Support Centre number for Mahindra Genuine Spare Parts has changed from 1800 266 0333 to 7045454517.

Service Quality

Mahindra Tractor Service emphasizes providing high-quality service through efficient and effective solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations, by maintaining a strong focus on service quality.

Energizing Relationship

By actively engaging with customers, understanding their needs, and addressing their concerns, to build strong relationships by delivering personalized support.

Value Added Service

Apart from the core tractor servicing, the company offers additional services that enhance the overall customer experience.

Assurance & Trust

Mahindra Tractor Service strives to build trust by consistently delivering on its promises and providing reliable and dependable service.

Major Highlights

90+ Feature Upgradation Navjeevan Kits on Subsidized Rates

Mahindra Tractor Service offers over 90 feature upgrade options through Navjeevan Kits, which are available at subsidized rates. These kits provide customers with the opportunity to enhance the functionality and performance of their Mahindra tractors.

30000+ Service Camps in FY22-23

Mahindra Tractor Service conducted over 30000 service camps during the financial year 2022-2023. These service camps provide customers with the convenience of accessing maintenance and support services for their Mahindra tractors at centralized locations.

2 Lakh+ Customers Attended at Doorstep in FY22-23

Mahindra Tractor Service served over 200000 customers through doorstep service during the financial year 2022-2023. Doorstep service allows customers to receive prompt assistance and support for their Mahindra tractors without the need to transport the tractors to a service center.

10 Skill Development Centers under Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative

Mahindra Tractor Service has established 10 skill development centers as part of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiative. These centers aim to provide training and skill development opportunities to individuals, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and expertise in tractor service and maintenance.

5000+ Tech Master Child Scholarships

Mahindra Tractor Service offers Tech Master Child Scholarships, which are educational scholarships aim to support the education and future aspirations of deserving students.

SEVA Offerings

Customer First +
Trained Manpower+
Product Installation+
Service Network+
SDC-Skill Development Center+
Service camps+
Doorstep Service+
Navjeevan Kit+
24x7 Toll Free Contact Center+
On Demand Service +
* 6 years warranty policy for Mahindra +
Genuine Spares +
Genuine Lubricants +