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Effective farming techniques require top-notch tractors made using high-end technology. Lack of up-to-date equipment can act as a barrier to productivity in the fields.

Mahindra Tractors is here to provide farmers with the latest technology that will enable them to yield better produce. A tractor is multi-purpose farming equipment that provides unprecedented support to farmers so that they can carry out essential farming operations. In order to provide the best machinery to the farmers, we at Mahindra have designed a series of tractors that are both powerful and dynamic. They are also optimized for the purpose of lifting, puddling, hauling, and other hard-core fieldwork.

Here are other benefits of Mahindra’s latest tractors

The agricultural machinery at Mahindra is developed using in-depth research and other agricultural insights. After understanding the requirements of farmers, our engineers decided to design a piece of sophisticated equipment that supplements the needs of the farmers.

There are a variety of tractors that have been developed for different farming activities. Each piece of machinery is multi-terrain and can power through the toughest soil. Whether the land is wet or dry, these tractors possess the ability to level it out with absolute ease.

The unique ergonomic designs allow drivers to use the machine with optimum comfort, especially while driving through tough terrain. They can adjust their seats as per their convenience and enjoy a fruitful day on the farm.

Mahindra Tractor are equipped with improved Hydraulic, Transmission to provide better & faster result. We aim at providing a tractor for small as well as large fields. Our compact tractors are perfect for orchards and fields with narrow lanes. They also run well on small-landholdings and can be utilized for inter-culture activities.

Farmers can also take advantage of heavy-duty tractors. This range was specially manufactured for laborious farming applications. Complex operations such as tilling can be carried out using other farm implements that can be attached to the tractor, which means multiple tasks can be completed using a simple machine. Agricultural equipment such as a rotary tiller, potato planter, and tractor loaders can be attached to the tractor. Since it is a one-person job, anyone can detach or attach the implements effortlessly.

Mahindra’s new tractors come with a superior quality DI engine. These ELS (extra long stroke) engines are long-lasting, which is why the tractor itself is extremely durable. A variety of 2-Wheel Drive and 4-Wheel Drive tractors are created for maximum productivity. Since the tires are thick and strong, they promise great traction. Drivers can cruise through the terrain without worrying about slippage.

Both simple and complex farming operations can be carried out with the help of Mahindra’s latest tractors. Each machine is equipped with technology that reduces the consumption of fuel and delivers a great milage, which in turn helps save costs in the long run.

These tractors are low affordable and low maintenance. We provide on-site installation for our clients and make sure that the spare parts are easily available.

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Here is the list of mahindra Latest tractors in India:

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Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

The MAHINDRA YUVRAJ 215 NXT tractor is a compact tractor ideal for small farms and landholdings.

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The MAHINDRA JIVO 225 DI Tractors are multi-functional farming gear equipped with a powerful DI engine that enhances productivity and saves cost.

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TThe MAHINDRA JIVO 225 DI 4WD Tractors come with a 4-wheel drive technology that enables high-end performance and promises optimum comfort


From 2WD to 4WD, we offer a wide range of tractors that can be used for different farming operations under the most challenging conditions. The latest Mahindra tractors have taken the industry by storm. To find out about the new tractor models in India, explore our Tractor Page.

Our farm tractors have been used for over three decades and even the latest Mahindra tractors continue to be the preferred choice of users. So, you may rest assured that Mahindra tractors' resale value is satisfactory (one of the best in industry). Get in touch with the nearest tractor dealer for more details.

Be it the latest Mahindra tractors or the old ones, we offer a warranty on all Mahindra tractor models. The warranty period ranges from 1 to 6 years in different range of Mahindra Tractors. For more information on Mahindra Tractors warranty, please contact our authorized dealers.

We have a wide network of dealers and distributors all over India where you can buy the latest Mahindra tractors. You may click on the ‘Dealer Locator’ icon on the home page to find out more about how to buy the latest tractors.

Mahindra Tractors has launched its exclusive new mini tractors in India. One such example is the Mahindra JIVO range, which is perfect for compact farms. These latest Mahindra tractors are both compact and high on power. Get in touch with our tractor dealership for more information.

When you buy a farm tractor from Mahindra Tractors, you get access to the company's network of dealers and service providers. Both old and the latest Mahindra tractors can be serviced as per your convenience. Get in touch with our authorized dealership for information on the latest tractors' servicing cost.

The new 2WD tractors by Mahindra Tractors like the MAHINDRA XP Plus and SP Plus series are known for their superior power. Moreover, they are easy to maneuver and ideal for farming applications. These latest Mahindra tractors perform well even in tough conditions. You may contact our dealership to know more about the latest 2WD tractors.

The latest Mahindra tractors are tough and ready for different farming conditions. They are packed with power and utility. To find out the latest tractors' price in India, get in touch with our tractor dealership or contact us.

When you think of Indian tractors, you are likely to remember Mahindra Tractors. Our models are power-packed, easy to use, and superior in terms of durabillity. The latest Mahindra tractors are available through our network of dealers. Check out the Dealer Locator page on our website to know about the latest tractor dealers near you.

The new 4WD tractors by Mahindra Tractors like the MAHINDRA JIVO and Yuvo Tech+ range are powerful beasts with great torque, high lifting capacity, and precision hydraulics in addition to their 4-wheel drive. These latest Mahindra tractors are known for their superior performance even in challenging conditions. Explore our website and get in touch with our authorized dealer for more information on 4WD farm tractors.

Be it compact tractors or large ones, Mahindra Tractors has been delighting farmers for over three decades now and continues to do so. The latest Mahindra tractors offer superior performance and are suitable for almost any terrain. To know more about Mahindra Tractors' new models in 2021, get in touch with our tractor dealership today.

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