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Digisense 4G is the Next Gen AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven open Architecture connected solution. Digisense 4G improves upon the successful Mahindra Digisense platform. This data driven app helps farmers track their tractors and control their farming activities remotely. It aims to empower farmers with data on their farming operations, which in turn will enable them to make more profitable decisions. This solution is compatible with 4G and a multitude of devices from smartphones to standard laptops. Now, nothing will escape the farmer’s eye. He now holds his very own third-eye, in the palm of his hand.



Map View

Using Google rendered maps, you can see the tractor’s live/current location and choose satellite or road map view.

Locate Tractor

This feature lets you locate your tractor on the map with a single touch or a click. It also helps to Re-center your tractor on the map.

Locate Me

With this feature you can check the distance between your current location and your tractor.

Vehicle Status

An animated view of the tractor idling with WIFI icon indicates the vehicle status. When On - the symbol turns green with a smoke animation. When Off - the icon turns red.
Vehicle Status: "MOVING"/"IDLE" - GREEN colour WIFI symbol & GREEN colour engine hours button
Vehicle Status: "STOPPED” - RED colour WIFI symbol & RED colour engine hour button


Geofence can be created in customized shapes as per customer requirement. It will also alert you whenever there is a vehicular entry or exit from the calibrated area.

Network Status

This is bifurcated in Two categories -Tractor Offline and User Offline
Tractor Offline is seen when the tractor is out of network area
User Offline is seen when the customer mobile stopped using data



Get weather updates up to 3 days which will be displayed based on your tractor location.

Diesel Usage

This feature indicates the diesel level in the tank, distance to the nearest fuel-pump, and it also shows the distance between customer’s current location and the tractor.

Tractor Usage

The data shown here is categorised into two - Field work and On road. Field work is measured using the area calculator, while the haulage/on road is calculated using the trip calculator. Both for Area coverage & Trip calculator – Maximum 3 months data will be available. Let’s understand this better:
• Area Calculator: The user will find customised reports on field work done in acres. Users can select specific plots. The duration of work done and average RPM will also be displayed here.
• Trip Calculator: Road work is calculated in Kilometers. Users can select day or month as duration to get customised reports. Trip data is also segregated according to specific trip.


Alert Notification

Notifications indicated by bell icon will be received in mobile app as push notifications for other alerts and SMS for critical alerts. The critical alerts include high-engine temperature and low oil pressure. Other alerts include high engine RPM warning, low fuel, geofence alert, key removal, service reminder notification and battery not charging.

Engine Hours

Find the current engine hours, cumulative engine hours and the number of hours the next service is due in. This data is helpful in understanding how the tractor has been used over the seasons.


Vehicle Selection

Users can choose among the numerous tractors listed by them. The chosen vehicle name will be displayed on screen. This feature helps the farmer keep track of the number of tractors available for use and their respective utilization status.

Hamburger Menu

This section enables you to perform numerous personalization functions, these include -
My Tractor - Feature that helps you to personalize your tractors name
Name & contact
Alerts configuration
Reminder set-up for tasks
Change language
Change PIN number

Ask Me

This feature comes with a set of predefined questions. The App responds to these queries with information about tractor location, diesel level, status of critical alerts, tractor usage, servicing status for users who are not comfortable using the screen. Ensure there is good network coverage, as this feature works best in such conditions.


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