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Mahindra Shree

Mahindra Shree is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive membership program, which has been created for select Mahindra Tractor owners with the sole objective of providing an exclusive, differentiated experience. This program has been created to benefit and transform the lives of thousands of farmers by providing advanced and end to end farm mechanization solutions.


Mahindra Shree is a tier-based program in which members can move up to a higher tier and enjoy greater benefits, based on their performance. The membership gets more rewarding with more points collected.

Rules and Regulations

While access to benefits keep increasing with more points, there are a few basic rules all members need to be aware of:

frequently asked questions

  • Who can become a Mahindra Shree member?

    Mahindra Shree is an exclusive invitation-only membership program. An elite club, it covers select, experienced customers of Mahindra Tractors whose knowledge and experience has helped shape the industry over the years.

  • Using your Membership Card

    Your Mahindra Shree membership card has a unique membership number. All the benefits of the Mahindra Shree membership programs can be availed only if you display your membership card at the Mahindra authorised tractor dealership.

  • How can I earn points?

    • The Mahindra Shree program rewards members for their loyalty toward Mahindra Tractors.

    • The loyalty and subsequent points extend to any successful referral of Mahindra Tractors as well as spare parts bought through our Mahindra authorised tractor dealerships.

  • How to maximise the benefits of the Mahindra Shree program?

    • When you refer more people around you to buy a Mahindra tractor, you’ll enjoy more benefits.

    • The best way to win exciting rewards and benefits in the Mahindra Shree program is to accumulate more points.

    • You can win a lot of exciting rewards and benefits. 43” LED TVs, Smart Watches, Bluetooth earphones, Smart Phones and lots more.

    • Apart from the rewards, you are also eligible for a differential experience like online learning modules, Agri workshops, child scholarships, etc.

    • If you manage to refer a lot of people to buy a Mahindra Tractor during the peak farming season, you can win a lot more rewards, gifts and additional points.

  • Where can I redeem my points?

    As an exclusive club, members can redeem their points only at their designated authorised dealership where the purchase of the Mahindra tractor was made.

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