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Mahindra Shree is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive membership program, which has been created for select Mahindra Tractor owners with the sole objective of providing an exclusive, differentiated experience. This program has been created to benefit and transform the lives of thousands of farmers by providing advanced and end to end farm mechanization solutions.


Mahindra Shree is a tier-based program in which members can move up to a higher tier and enjoy greater benefits, based on their performance. The membership gets more rewarding with more points collected.


While access to benefits keep increasing with more points, there are a few basic rules all members need to be aware of:

  • Points of the Mahindra Shree membership program will be valid only for a period of one year from the date of accumulation of the points.

  • Members can redeem rewards only after giving 1 successful referral delivery.

  • Members cannot exchange points for money.

  • Minimum threshold: Points can be redeemed or used only when a member has collected the minimum number required.

  • Not all tiers of the membership program are the same: There are different benefits associated with different tiers and hence should not be compared.


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Mahindra Gyrovator zlx+ : light duty rotavator


The Most Asked Queries

Who can become a Mahindra Shree member?+

Mahindra Shree is an exclusive invitation-only membership program. An elite club, it covers select, experienced customers of Mahindra Tractors whose knowledge and experience has helped shape the industry over the years.

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