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Collective Farming

The forth episode of #SowTheFuture focuses on collective farming, where multiple farmers pool their land, livestock, and agricultural implements to do various types of agricultural production as a joint enterprise. It has been quite popular in countries, like China, Vietnam & since past a few years, in India as well, many farmers have formed communities to work together and thrive.

In this episode, Dnyaneshwar Bodke, the chief volunteer of Abhinav Farmers Club talks about the various benefits of communal farming, how government organisations, such as NABARD, ATMA, & more can help with subsidy and other resources required for collective farming and how technology can further help in the progress of farmers.



The third episode of #SowTheFuture focuses on Horticulture as it constitutes a significant proportion of the total agricultural production and helps improve the economic condition of many farmers in rural areas. This episode features Dr. Rajendra Deshmukh, one of the foremost names in India when it comes to the science of Horticulture. His experience of 35 years comes with an education in Israel, a patented technology, 500+ acres of orchard cultivation and several national awards. In this episode Dr. Deshmukh sheds light on numerous questions beginning from how farmers could start with horticulture to which are the best suited horticulture crops in India.


Watershed Management

The second episode of #SowTheFuture touches upon an extremely important and much discussed about topic of Watershed Management in Farming. This episode features Dr. Ajit Gokhale, an expert in the field of water, rainwater and solid waste management. Dr. Gokhale has worked extensively in rural across different regions and implemented innovative solutions to conserve water.

In this episode, Dr. Gokhale explains the concept of watershed management and sheds light on simple, practical solutions that farmers could implement to conserve water for sustainable farming.


Organic Farming

The first in the series aims to highlight the need and importance of Organic farming in the Indian context through the story of Mr. Suneet Salvi. Mr. Salvi is a successful corporate professional turned organic farmer who's making a difference through his organic farming practices & helping India #SowTheFuture of sustainability.

In this series, Mr. Salvi traces his journey into organic farming and gives valuable insights into the process of organic farming and its benefits to the farmers and the bio-diversity and ends by expressing that the support from government and corporates could help sow the seeds of sustainable future for the entire farming community.

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