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Backpack Harvester

Mahindra Back pack harvester is mounted on an existing tractor for harvesting of wheat, rice and other crops. It is suitable for small & marginal landholdings, helps increase utilisation of tractor and hence balance the economy of operations.

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  • Mahindra's backpack harvester is Robust, strong and reliable for farm operations.
  • Short turning radius and Small cutter bar (7 feet) for small land holdings.

  • Suitable for variety of field and Good working economics for marginal farmers ( 1-10 acre land).
  • Fewer parts and easy mechanism makes it an operator friendly and value for money machine.

  • Is compact in size and hence can be easily mounted on tractor.
  • Operated through tractor controls and hence easy to Manoeuvre, with this it also ensures safe and easy transportation on road.


Suitable for harvesting crops PADDY / WHEAT
Prime mover Tractor make   MAHINDRA
  Tractor model   575
  Tractor variant 1 575EBNP (TR575BICLCPSOCRP3A)
  Tractor variant 2  
  Recommended engine speed during harvesting rpm 1650
  Recommended gear during harvesting rpm L1
Cutterbar Width mm (ft) 2050 (~7)
  Min. cutting height mm 100
  Height adjustment   600
  Dust extraction   Suction fan on cutterbar
Reel drive Type   Chain and sproket
  Fore and aft adjustment   Mechanical
  Height adjustment   Hydraulic
Threshing Type for paddy   Threshing pegs on cylinder
  Type for wheat   Rasp bar
  Diameter mm 550
  Threshing length mm 510
  Seperation length mm 600
  Speed range rpm 680
  Adjustment   By change of pullies
Concave clearance adjustment Mechanical
Ear threshing Type   Threshing pegs on cylinder
  Diameter mm 185
  length mm 1075
  Speed range rpm 110
  drive Type   chain & sprocket
Cleaning system Type   Forced air cleaning fan
  Speed rpm 1500, 2000
  Upper cleaning sieve area m2 1.13
  Lower sieve cleaning area m2 0.86
  Cleaning sieve adjustment   Mechanical
Grain tank capacity Paddy kg 500
  Wheat kg 550
  Grain unloading mechanism Standard Gravity type
  Grain unloading mechanism Optional With discharge auger
Dimensions Width mm 2600
  Length mm 6100
  Height mm 3300
Weight only backpack With cutterbar kg 2100 kg

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Less fuel consumption as max PTO power at 540 RPM.
  • Better SFC makes it more economical to use.

  • Reverse PTO Application enables reverse rotation of PTO shaft so that material stuck in the drum can be easily thrown out.