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Mahindra Baler is used for post harvest application which allows handelling straw of harvested crop. Baler helps collect the straws and packs them into bundles so that it can be easily handled and transported.

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  • Trouble free binding with easy adjustment .
  • Reliable knotter system.

  • Sturdy design enables ease of sharp turn in fields.
  • 2p swivel joint (optional).

  • Centralized lubrication system (optional).
  • The baler can be used to handle varied types of crop straws.

  • Ensures effective coverage area by picking up straw even in corners of fields. Enables uniform pick up even in uneven field condition.
  • Mahindra Baler clears the crop residue in the shortest possible time so that land can be prepared for the next crop.

  • Adjusting levers to increase/decrease bales density.


Bale Size in (cm)Cross section 32x42
Bale length in (cm)30 to 100
Baler length in (cm)410
Baler width in (cm)215
Baler height in (cm)130
Weight in Kg (Approx)850
Width of pick in (cm)127
Working capacity (Ton/Hrs)8~10
Working Speed (km/hrs)4~6
Pick up width in (cm)127
Minimum Tractor HP26.1 kW (35 HP)
Centralized lubrication systemOptional
Number of Pick up tines4 X 8
Centralized Lubrication SystemOptional
Plunger Strokes per minute93
Minimum tractor HP required 26.1 kW (35 HP)

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Easy to attach with the tractor.
  • Can be used in any crop straws.

  • Better operational economics with Mahindra tractors.