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Duckfoot Cultivator

Mahindra Duck Foot Cultivator is a tractor mounted basic implement to till the agriculture land. It is available in different size for various HP range of tractor.

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  • Applitrac Spring loaded Cultivator has a longer life as the spring allow the tynes of the cultivator to lift upward when any load or stone comes into the passage.
  • Applitrac disc ridger has a longer life due to heavy construction and special material discs.

  • Makes the rows for vegetable crops.
  • Operates as a light chisel plough.

  • Track width of rear and front can be adjusted which prevents crop damage.
  • This implement is used especially in hard soil conditions.

  • It saves time and offers precision in work as it is simple to operate & quick to adjust.


  1 Row 2 Row 3 Row
No.of arm 1 arm 2 arm 3 arm
Length (mm) 510 525 825
Width (mm) 660 1200 1500
Height (mm) 1060 Adjustable 1050 to 1350 Adjustable 1050 to 1350
Tyne (mm) 150 X 25 150 X 25 150 X 25
Weight (Kgs.) 65 165 250

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • The Hy-tech hydraulic technology helps in faster lifting and lowering of the Duck Foot Cultivator.
  • The option of adjusting the distance between the tynes, makes Mahindra Tractors suitable for inter-culture operations with the Duck Foot Cultivator.

  • Powerful tractors designed for breaking hard land and mixing crop residue.