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Mahindra Tractor Combined Harvester

Harvesting yields is one of the most crucial tasks of agricultural farming. Farmers need to make sure that they cover a vast area of their farm and reduce crop wastage while harvesting. Fortunately, we offer technologically advanced machines that can simplify this task and reduce labour time.

Mahindra’s Tractor combined harvester is made keeping in mind the need of an Indian farmer. The HarvestMaster enables farmers to harvest faster but with reduced consumption of fuel and lower grain loss. We offer this machine in two variants – Mahindra HarvestMaster 4WD – Tractor Mounted Combined Harvester and Mahindra HarvestMaster 2WD – Tractor Mounted Combined Harvester. Both the models pair well with Mahindra’s Arjun Nova series of tractors.

Here are some other benefits of our tractor combined harvester.

Farmers can use the HarvestMaster on all kinds of crops. Paddy, wheat, soyabean and several pulses can be efficiently harvested using this high-performing tractor combined harvester. The 4WD variant can navigate in both wet and semi-wet fields.

The ergonomic design ensures great cutter bar visibility, thus enhancing the efficiency of the driver. It gives him a better view of the crops as they are being harvested.

Another great feature of the Mahindra tractor harvester is the dual pulley. This system also comes with a multi-speed option. The sieve pulley combined with the blower pulley creates a high-functioning dual pulley system, due to which the harvester can work through different varieties of crops. Some crops are extremely dense and can be hard to work with, but the HarvestMaster allows farmers to harvest even these dense crops.

It is also important for farmers to be able to inspect each mechanical setting properly. Our engineers have made sure to install windows to check for these settings.

Apart from these features, the tractor combined harvester also provides a 380 mm high ground clearance. This is vital for farmers, as they have to cross over bunds when they move from one field to another.

The Mahindra harvester was created to modernize the process of harvesting, enabling farmers to use the latest technology and make harvesting simple. With the tractor-mounted harvester, a farmer is able to reduce the amount of hard labor that has to be put into harvesting.

Mahindra HarvestMaster 4WD and 2WD are built to last. The combine harvester is sturdy and is engineered for great performance. It provides great results and propels a farmer towards excellence.

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Here are the list of COMBINED HARVESTER:

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The MAHINDRA HARVEST MASTER 2WD is a high-performance tractor mounted combine harvester that can be used on a variety of crops.

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The MAHINDRA HARVEST MASTER 4WD provides the opportunity to cover a vast area of land while reducing the consumption of fuel.

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