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M SMART is the exciting new range of genuine accessories specially crafted for Mahindra range of tractors. M SMART range of accessories offers extra comfort, durability and adds style to your tractor. Canopy for protection, clutch lock for safety, seat & steering cover for comfort and much more; M SMART provides a complete package. These accessories can be used for Mahindra Bhoomiputra, Mahindra Sarpanch & Mahindra Yuvo range of tractors


Protects you in all weather conditions
  • Tear resistant, washable Tarpaulin cloth in attractive color to match the tractor.

  • Assured protection to the frame from rust and corrosion with long lasting powder coating.

  • Extra strong 16 Gauge, pipe-welded frame for superior quality.

  • Flap provision for sunlight-protection.

  • Handle support at the back for extra convenience & safety.


Extra-comfort with durability
  • Car seat-like cushioning provided by PU foam lining.

  • Water resistant, washable material.

  • PU-PVC cloth with spun polyester inner-stitching & nylon outer-stitching.

  • Genuine-quality seat covers designed to perfectly contour the tractor seat.

  • Exclusive branding & choice of attractive designs.


Adds comfort, avoids slippage
  • Stitched to the steering wheel to avoid slippage, enhancing safety, comfort & style.

  • Perforated PU cloth that provides a firm grip to the driver, with foam lining to provide extra comfort.

  • Water resistant, washable material.

  • Choice of exclusive designs.


  • 6 Gauge, 4.5mm MS rod structure that ensures protection to the indicators from scratches, breakages, thefts and other damages.

  • Durable, rust & corrosion-resistant powder coating.

  • Choice of adding a premium look to the tractor with high quality, smooth & durable chrome plated guards.


  • Authentic solution to ensure safety to the tractor as well as the clutch plate.

  • Acts as an unique anti-theft device which prevents the tractor from moving even after starting the engine.

  • Automatic de-clutching, to protect the clutch plate during long parking periods.

  • Single piece strong stainless steel rod which is difficult to cut open.

  • Computerised uniquely made key with brass lock for added safety.


Protects you in all weather conditions
  • Easy to use tyre pressure measurement device for tractor.

  • Light-weight, compact body that can be carried in the pocket like a pen.

  • Range: 10-50psi, Accuracy ± 1psi.


  • Premium quality, weather-proof NBR-PVC material resistant to sunlight, heat & water.

  • Washable & easy to maintain.

  • Prevents contact with hot metal.

  • Moulded foot mats to match the body profiles and contours while enhancing the look of the tractor.


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