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The MAHINDRA 265 DI tractors are known for their fuel efficiency and power. This 2WD tractor has a 22.4 kW (30 HP) engine, Rated RPM of 1900 r/min, 8 F + 2 R gears, three cylinders, optional power steering, and a Hydraulics Lifting Capacity of 1200 kg. If you expect your tractors to easily drive heavy farming implements like plow, rotavator, and cultivator, this Mahindra 2x2 tractor will do the job for you. Among the MAHINDRA 265 DI tractor’s many features, the most prominent ones are an optimally powerful engine, Unique KA Technology, smooth gear shifting operation, excellent lifting capacity, sturdy build, LCD cluster panel, large-diameter steering wheel, impressive braking performance, and comfor seating. The MAHINDRA 265 DI tractors are among the best 2WD tractors in India as they efficiently complete various agricultural operations. They include tools such as Disc Plough, Harrow, Half Cage Wheel, Thresher, Water Pump, Tipping Trailer, Seed Drill, Cultivator, and much more. These make the MAHINDRA 265 DI a one-stop solution for your business.

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  • Disc Plough
  • Harrow
  • Half Cage Wheel
  • Thresher
  • Water Pump
  • Single Axle Trailer
  • Tipping Trailer
  • Seed Drill
  • Cultivator
  • Gyrovator

    Engine Power (kW)22.4 kW (30 HP)
    Rated RPM (r/min)1900
    Number of Gears 8 F + 2 R
    Engine Power (kW)22.4 kW (30 HP)
    Rated RPM (r/min)1900
    Number of Gears 8 F + 2 R
    Number of Cylinders 3
    Steering Type Power steering (optional)
    Rear Tyre 12.4 x 28
    Transmission Type Partial Constant Mesh(Option)
    Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg) 1200

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    The MAHINDRA 265 DI is a 24.3 kW (33 HP) tractor that is ideal for both agriculture and haulage operations. It comes with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine. The tractor boasts many technologically advanced features like Hy-Tech Hydraulics, partial mesh transmission, power steering, and much more. It also entails low maintenance costs.

    The MAHINDRA 265 DI price is quite economical. Its innovative features make this Mahindra tractor a popular choice among many small-scale farmers. Contract your Mahindra Tractors dealer to get the latest tractor prices.

    The MAHINDRA 265 DI is a feature-rich tractor. It has a powerful, fuel-efficient engine of 30 HP that can handle the tough working conditions of Indian farms. The MAHINDRA 265 DI can be used with implements for planting, plowing, sowing, harrowing, threshing, cultivating, harvesting, and much more.

    The MAHINDRA 265 DI is a powerful 22.4 kW (30 HP) tractor with a hydraulics lifting capacity of 1200 kg. Although powerful, it is easy to maintain and can be used for multiple agricultural and haulage operations. The MAHINDRA 265 DI has a warranty that enables farmers to get in touch with the company if they face any issue.

    A powerful 22.4 kW (30 HP) tractor with an engine that is fuel-efficient, the MAHINDRA 265 DI is ideal for many agricultural operations, including haulage. It is also very easily available and its spare parts, too can be purchased with ease. The MAHINDRA 265 DI mileage is also the best in its class.

    The MAHINDRA 265 DI is a powerful 22.4 kW (30 HP) tractor that has many agricultural capabilities and is very effective for haulage operations. It has best-in-class mileage, has easily available spare parts, and low cost of maintenance which add to the reasonably high resale value of the MAHINDRA 265 DI.

    The official website of Mahindra Tractors has all the information you need before you purchase your tractor. Once you are on the website, go to the tractor Dealer Locator page, where you can find details of all the authorized MAHINDRA 265 DI dealers in different parts of the country and locate one that’s nearest to you.

    The MAHINDRA 265 DI has low costs of maintence and also has a very good mileage. Not only is the service cost of the MAHINDRA 265 DI reasonable but also it boasts of high quality features and superior loading capacity. It is ideal for many agricultural operations.

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