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If you are looking for tractors that can complete all your requirements efficiently, the MAHINDRA 415 DI tractors are what you need. It is a powerful Mahindra 2x2 tractor with a 29.8 kW (40 HP) engine, four cylinders, Maximum Torque of 158 Nm, standard mechanical and optional power steering, Partial Constant Mesh Transmission, and an impressive Hydraulics Lifting Capacity of 1500 kg. The Mahindra tractor 415 is known for its optimized gear speed for greater performance, multi-disc oil-immersed brake, best-in-class PTO power, and much more. The best-in-segment torque and excellent backup torque of this Mahindra 2WD tractor enable it to provide you with unparalleled pulling capability. It is one of the best 2WD tractors in India as it is fuel-efficient, helping you lower the overall operational costs. The MAHINDRA 415 DI tractors have many agricultural applications, and the most prominent ones are Disc Plough, Harrow, Half Cage Wheel, Full Cage Wheel, Ridger, Potato and Groundnut Digger, Thresher, Water Pump, Genset, Tipping Trailer, Scrapper, Seed Drill, Gyrovator, Cultivator, and MB Plough. So, this 2-wheel tractor can help your agricultural business grow.




  • Disc Plough
  • Harrow
  • Half Cage Wheel
  • Full Cage Wheel
  • Ridger
  • Potato/Groundnut Digger
  • Thresher
  • Water Pump
  • Genset
  • Single Axle Trailer
  • Tipping Trailer
  • Post Hole Digger
  • Scrapper
  • Seed Drill
  • Potato Planter
  • Gyrovator
  • Cultivator
  • Mb Plough

    Engine Power (kW) 29.8 kW (40 HP)
    Maximum Torque (Nm)158 Nm
    Torque at Maximum Power (Nm) Rated Torque134 Nm
    Maximum PTO power (kW)26.8 kW (36 HP)
    Engine Power (kW) 29.8 kW (40 HP)
    Maximum Torque (Nm)158 Nm
    Torque at Maximum Power (Nm) Rated Torque134 Nm
    Maximum PTO power (kW)26.8 kW (36 HP)
    Steering Type Mechanical (std) Power steering (opt)
    Rear Tyre 13.6X28
    Transmission Type Partial Constant Mesh
    Hydraulics Lifting Capacity (kg) 1500

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    The MAHINDRA 415 DI comes with a naturally aspirated engine that offers a stunning power of 29.9 kW (40 HP). The MAHINDRA 415 DI also has great pulling capacity, thanks to its best-in-class torque that is supplemented by backup torque. It consists of all the right features to be the true boss of farming.

    The MAHINDRA 415 DI is a powerful tractor with capabilities that make it a leader on the farm. The 29.8 kW (40 HP) tractor has solid power, great pulling ability, and fantastic hydraulic lift capacity. Contact an authorized dealer in your vicnity for information on prices.

    The best-in-class torque and leading backup torque make the MAHINDRA 415 DI great for pulling. The MAHINDRA 415 DI can be used with various farm implements like the disc plow, Gyrovator, seed drill, half-cage and full-cage wheel, cultivator, digger, planter, thresher, trailer, and much more.

    Loaded with the best-in-class torque, a high lifting capacity of 1,500 kg, and a reliable and efficient four-cylinder engine, the MAHINDRA 415 DI is among the best tractors from the brand. The MAHINDRA 415 DI warranty is of two years of usage or 2,000 hours of work, whichever comes earlier.

    The MAHINDRA 415 DI is a 29.8 kW (40 HP) tractor that is loaded with features that make it the perfect machine on the farm. It has a four-cylinder engine that gives it power, best-in-class torque and back-up torque that lend it great pulling capacity, and optimum gear speeds. All these factors supplement the high MAHINDRA 415 DI mileage that make it cost-effective too.

    The MAHINDRA 415 DI has a four-cylinder engine which generates more power. It also boasts of best-in-class torque and back-up torque to ensure greater pulling capacity. What's more is that the fuel consumption is economical and this contributes to a higher MAHINDRA 415 DI resale value.

    For a seamless experience, it is recommended that you purchase your MAHINDRA 415 DI from one of the authorized Mahindra Tractors dealers in India. It is easy to find the one nearest to you. Visit the official Mahindra Tractors website and click Dealer Locator to find a list of all the authorized MAHINDRA 415 DI dealers in your location.

    The MAHINDRA 415 DI is a powerful 29.8 kW (40 HP) tractor with a four-cylinder engine that gives it best-in-class power. It also has a great torque and back-up torque that enable to pull with greater efficiency. The MAHINDRA 415 DI service is also affordable and easily accessible.

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