It takes technology that's ahead of its times to keep you ahead. In the 22.4 - 33.6 kW (30 - 45 HP) range, the new age Mahindra Yuvo helps you do just that. Its advanced technology opens doors to new possibilities.

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  • 18% more back up torque: Lesser drop in RPM and a powerful engine to ensure you remain unstoppable even on hard soil.
  • More power: Now get the ability to work with bigger implements.
  • Covers more ground while consuming lesser diesel, giving you even more savings.
  • Service interval of 400 h: A longer service interval means one less servicing every year.
  • Dry type air cleaner: Reduced time in cleaning the air cleaner means even more ease in maintenance.
  • Parallel cooling system: Engine remains cooler for longer, so you can work longer.
  • 12F+3R gear box: It's the first in the 22.4 - 33.6 kW (30 - 45 HP) range, allowing you to work with any tool with greater speed.
  • Speed range 1.45 to 30.5 km/h: Now you have several speed options, from ploughing to harvesting.
  • Full constant mesh, genuine side shift: Now you can shift gears with car-like ease.
  • Responsive oil-immersed brakes: More powerful, maintenance-free brakes.
  • Planetary drive: Reliable transmission and tough design.
  • High-tech control valve design: Works with the right sensitivity on any type of soil and completes the task with precision.
  • 1500 kg lift capacity: Best-in-class lift capacity.
  • Ergonomically located PC/DC controls: Works tirelessly for longer and produces better results.
  • Side mounted control valve: The control valve can be removed with ease, without removing the hydraulic during servicing.
  • Two-bolt mounted pump: Better service, effortlessly.
  • Comfortable and adjustable deluxe seat.
  • The area around the driver remains heat-free.
  • Easy to reach lever that shifts with ease.
  • Easy to operate pedals.
  • Mount and dismount with ease.
  • Bold wrap-around clear lens headlamps.
  • Modern instrument cluster.
  • Attractive two-tone front grille.
  • No matter what the implement, the Mahindra Yuvo works effortlessly with great gusto.
  • It produces even better results when used with the Mahindra Gyrovator. It has been made keeping your every farming need in mind.
  • Powerful engine with max torque.
  • Works on any kind of soil.
  • Planetary drive and oil-immersed brakes makes it the king of puddling.
  • Uniform cooling always keeps the engine cool.
  • Works for long, even in extreme heat.
  • Precision hydraulics.
  • Provides equal depth for seeding.
  • Precision hydraulics.
  • Provides uniform depth that doesn't ruin the potatoes.
  • Low speed (L1 speed 4.15 km/h) ideal for reaping.
  • The best-in-class PTO, without any drop RPM.
  • The best-in-class PTO, without any drop in RPM.
  • The best in making compact bales with several speed options.
  • Provides several speed options.
  • Can pulverize any type of soil.
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The Mahindra Yuvo Gear App assists Yuvo customers to select the right gear options based on Geography, Soil Type and implement. This enables customers to do More, Faster & Better work  on their fields.

  • Step 1 : Download the Yuvo Gear app from Google Play stroe
  • Step 2 : Select Implement
  • Step 3 : Select State
  • Step 4 : Select Soil type
  • Step 5 : Get the Suitable Gear Type