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Potato Planter

Planting Master Potato + is a precision potato planter. PlantingMaster Potato + has been designed and developed in collaboration with Europe-based partner Dewulf, a global leader in potato machinery.

  • Ensures a high level of singulation and no missing potato seeds. Singulation means only one potato is planted in one spot and there is no doubling-- that is two potatoes planted in a single spot.

  • Gives high speed planting

  • Potatoes are planted accurately, ensuring uniform depth and uniform seed to seed distance.

  • The ridges created over the planted potatoes have just the right level of soil compaction. This ensures that each plant has enough water, sunlight and space to grow, developing healthy tubers.

  • Results in increased crop yields and potato quality

  • The design of the planter is such that it can be adjusted for changes in agronomy practices, such as for whole potatoes or cut potatoes, straight line planting or zig zag planting and planting at various levels of depth.

Note: Image is for representation purpose only.


  • Moving Floor Supplies potatoes to the planting belt in a consistent manner. This avoids blockage of potatoes ensuring continuous operations
  • Mechanical vibrator (belt vibrator)Helps plant a single potato in each go. Ensures singulation – one spot, one potato. This increases crop productivity

  • Adjustable Ridgers Creates the right compaction This enables optimum air and sunlight to reach potatoes
  • Depth control wheel* Helps plant potatoes at a consistent depth of 8-17 cm with the regular designed furrow openers & 17-23 cm with specially designed high depth furrow openers(available as an accessory) This improves output and thus revenues
    *At present this feature is available in without fertilizer box variants only (i.e. V1’, V2’,V6’).

  • Variety of Cup Holdings Provides you with versatility for different operations. The same machine with some modifications can be used in all kinds of conditions of planting. Cups of 20 to 60 mm are available for potatoes of all sizes.
  • Brushes for cup cleaning Enhances singulation by preventing clogging of cups with dirt and sprouts Singulation increases crop productivity

  • Fertilizer tanks Stores about 65 liters of fertilizer in each tank and helps with proportionate distribution This reduces labor and fertilizer costs


Specification Figure
Number of rows 2
Tractor connection Lifted - CAT II
Hopper – Type Fixed
Hopper - Capacity Up to 500 kg
Fertilizer capacity 130 l
Drive Mechanical
KERB weight of machine 1000 kg
Planting Capacity @ Tractor speed of 3-5 km/h 0.4 ha/h
Total machine weight (loaded) 1624 kg
Row distance 61 cm, 66 cm, 71 cm, 76 cm

Benefits with Mahindra Tractor

  • Better pulling power.
  • By using blending control (PC and DC lever setting) it drops the seed at uniform depth.