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Tractor Rotavator

Tillage is the practice of preparing the soil before cultivation. This land preparation process is essential for the growth of a healthy crop and to prevent pest infestation.

Without a mechanically advanced tool, this process can be quite time-consuming. Since 30% of the total cost of cultivation goes into tillage, an affordable rotary tiller will help save cost.

With the aid of Mahindra’s exceptional yet affordable rotavators, farmers can now speed up their tilling process. Let’s look at some of the benefits of our rotary tillers.

1. The Mahindra rotavator is built for efficiency. It provides exceptional pulverization in all kinds of soil, whether wet or dry. The gearbox is engineered for seamless tillage. This means farmers can use the rotavator for a long period of time without worrying about it breaking down or halting the land preparation process.

2. Each mechanical seal is made to last. These seals protect the bearings from dust and help increase the life of the spare parts, thus reducing the cost of repair and maintenance. Mahindra’s trademark Boroblades work through the soil with speed, which, in turn, improves overall productivity.

3. The build of our rotary tiller is robust and lightweight. This makes operating the machine effortless. We also make heavy-duty rotavators that work seamlessly on hard soil. These come with a trailing board that can be adjusted as per your needs and spiral bevel pinion gears which ensure durability and noiseless functioning.

4. The gearbox allows farmers to shift through multiple gears depending on the type of land. Navigating through the fields becomes easy with a high-functioning gearbox.

5. Apart from heavy-duty and light-duty tillers, we also have a technologically advanced digital rotavator. With this model, farmers can track their progress through a mobile app. The Mahindra Tez-e app gives pop-up alerts for oil checks and oil changes. Also, every detail from the hours completed per day to the overall hours of the tiller can be measured through the app. And that’s not all; with one touch, farmers can set the right speed for the tiller.

Mahindra’s rotary tillers are compatible with a variety of tractors. We also provide the option of purchasing a rotor shaft, especially for tillage. This multi-purpose shaft comes with L-shaped blades which allow farmers to till in all types of soil conditions. The shaft, along with the Boroblades, makes a perfect combination for tilling.

With the help of expert engineers, we at Mahindra have developed a series of sophisticated rotary tillers that help save time and fuel. Farmers can choose from our range of rotary tillers and pick one that is most compatible with their tractor and other agricultural equipment.

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Here are the list of Tractor loaders:

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The MAHINDRA PADDYVATOR RLX is a high performance rotavator that comes with a sophisticated pulley system designed for puddling.

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The MAHINDRA GYROVATOR WLX is a robust rotary tiller that is built to last and is great for tilling in wet and dry soil.

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The MAHINDRA GYROVATOR ZLX+ rotavator has light body which makes it the perfect machinery for pulverization and land preparation.

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The MAHINDRA GYROVATOR SLX rotary tiller comes with sturdy Boroblades and a heavy-duty structure that performs exceptionally well on hard soils.

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The MAHINDRA MAHAVATOR was created for tillage in all types of soil conditions, while also chopping and blending the residue of the crop.

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The MAHINDRA TEZ-E ZLX+ is a digitalized rotavator which is operated with the help of a mobile app that informs the user about the speed and accuracy of the tiller.

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