Mahindra’s Tractor’s Potato Farming Guide

Jul 4, 2023 | 10 mins read

Potato farming is meticulous, and many Indian farmers rely on various Farm Equipment, agricultural implements, and their trusted tractor to accomplish the job. However, there are a few ways you can further improve your potato farming operations.

These improvements, along with Mahindra Tractors and potato planters, help you achieve more yield, better harvest, cut down manual labor and time, and earn more profits!

So, how do you improve your farming operations? Here’s a short guide to help you get better results with your potato farming.

Potato Farming Tips

  • PREPARE THE SOIL WELL: Potatoes grow best in loamy, airy, and well-drained soil with the correct pH value; heavy clay or soggy soil is the worst for potato farming. So, ensure you prepare the soil well before sowing the seeds.
  • SEED THE RIGHT KIND OF POTATOES: It’s best to avoid seedlings that may result in lost or unhealthy plants. So, choose certified disease-free seed potatoes for your potato farming. You can either use small seeds as a whole, or big seeds cut up with at least three eyes apiece. The Mahindra potato planter can help you sow all kinds and sizes of seeds.
  • SOW THE SEEDS AT THE RIGHT HEIGHT AND DISTANCE: Next, plant the seed potatoes in four to six inches deep trenches spaced at 36 inches apart. Sow the seeds at least 10 inches from each other and three inches into the soil. Here, avoid doubling sowing or inconsistent distance between the seeds, as it can restrict the air and moisture to the seedling, resulting in an unhealthy yield.
  • KEEP THE FIELD MOIST BUT NOT SOGGY: Of course, you’ll have to water your crop, but don’t make the soil too soggy. And when the tubers start to develop, keep the patch well watered. We recommend deep watering that makes the soil moist eight inches below the surface for the best tuber growth.
  • KEEP THE TUBERS COVERED: You don’t want the sun to damage the tubers, weeds growing, or insects damaging the crop. So, mulch the field at the right time heavily with either plastic or straw.

USE MAHINDRA TRACTORS FOR POTATO FARMING: Apart from the tips and techniques, the best way to improve your yield is using Mahindra Tractors and farm equipment. Our tractor range for potato planting is rugged, reliable, and powerful, and they ensure the right soil condition, no slippage, nor do they require you to weigh up the front axle. Precision hydraulics are extremely critical for sowing and digging operations in potato farming. Mahindra offers precision hydraulics with its XP Plus and Yuvo range which makes it suitable for potato farming.

Here are some of the best Mahindra tractors in India for potato farming, along with their features:


  • Rugged, industrial exteriors for the toughest terrains and farming operations
  • Powerful long-stroke engine with 32.8 kW (44 HP) and 172.1 Nm with a max power rated torque of 142 Nm and PTO of 29 kW (38.9 HP)
  • Constant-mesh gearbox with 8F+2R configuration
  • Maximum lift capacity of 1480 kg

Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus Tractor

  • 4 Cylinder Engine with more back up torque, Best in class PTO HP, Best in class Mileage, High max torque & Parallel Cooling to ensure more & faster work with application.
  • 12 Forward + 3 Reverse, ease of working with multiple gear options, H-M-L speed range – speed as low as 1.46 kmph
  • Side Shift Gear gives Car like comfort, Full Platform ensure easy entry & exit from tractor
  • High precision control valve for uniform depth, Enhanced Lift Capacity to work with tougher implements
  • First in Industry 6 years Warranty

Yuvo Tech Plus Tractor Range

  • Mahindra 575 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors
  • Mahindra 475 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors
  • Mahindra 575 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors
  • Mahindra 585 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors
  • Mahindra 405 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors
  • Mahindra 275 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors
  • Mahindra 415 Yuvo Tech Plus Tractors


  • Lowest fuel consumption in its category
  • Powerful 4-cylinder ELS DI engine, producing 35 kW (46.9 HP) of power and 178.6 Nm of torque
  • Partial constant mesh transmission with dual-clutch with 8F + 2R
  • Maximum PTO power of 31.2 kW (42 HP)
  • Advanced ADDC hydraulics with a maximum lift capacity of 1480 kg


Potato farming requires versatile agricultural implements for ditching, fertilization, soil compaction, mulching, and a lot more. For that, we recommend Mahindra Plantingmaster Potato+ as it is the perfect implement for potato farming when paired with a Mahindra tractor. Here are its features:

  • Moving floor to ensure the seeds get provided to the planting belt without blockages
  • Adjustable ridges for optimum soil compaction
  • Variety of holding cups, shaped like human hands, to avoid double-planting or missed seeds, driven by a mechanical vibrating belt
  • Dual fertiliser tanks with a combined capacity of 130 litres
  • Height-adjustable shaft, depth head, and furrow opener
  • Adjustable row width
  • Lifted (CAT II) tractor connection
  • Fixed hopper with a capacity of 500 kg
  • Mechanical drive type
  • Kerb weight of 1000 kg
  • Planting capacity 4000 m2/h (at speeds of 3 to 5 kmph)

Make your potato farming easier and more profitable with these techniques and opt for Mahindra Tractors and farm equipment for the best results. Visit Your Nearest Mahindra Tractor Dealer to see our tractors and agricultural implements in action.

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