Mahindra Tractors is the world's No.1 tractor company by volumes and India's no. 1 tractor manufacturer since over 30 years. Our tractors support the evolution of the Indian agricultural landscape with innovations and technological advancements. We understand what farmers need and accordingly deliver technological innovations to accelerate farming. Today, we have solutions present across all stages of farming, from land preparation to harvesting.

Thus, Mahindra tractors not only make farming tasks easy but also enhance productivity, secure the future of farmers, and enable them to prosper and RISE!

Here is a list of Mahindra tractors in India:

Upto 20 HP range of tractors are compact, ideal for small landholdings, orchards and inter-culture operations.

These tractors within 21 to 30 HP range offer power best suited for agriculture and orchards on medium size land holdings.

Packed with fuel efficient technology and advanced features, these tractors enable the farmer to do more, better and faster work on their fields and reap superior results.

This range of tractors offer advanced farm technology which are best suited for multiple complex farm & non-farm applications.

Choose a Mahindra tractor to reap the benefits of a flourishing farm and a prosperous future.