Mahindra Tractors of 44.7 kW (60 HP) Plus

If you are searching for the best over 44.7 kW (60 HP) tractors in India, then Mahindra Tractors has two best-in-class tractors to offer you in this category. Both of the above 44.7 kW (60 HP) tractors come with radiators, which minimize choking, bigger air cleaners for an efficient cooling system and long non-stop work hours. They offer you 30 available speeds to choose from. This enables you to have complete control over the time of operation and productivity. They also have powerful engines that provide maximum PTO power, which is ideal for sticky oil conditions and to manage implements in hard conditions.

For dozing and harvesting applications, their forward-reverse shuttle shift lever ensures quick reverse. For mulcher and power harrow applications, their 3 speed PTO is very useful. Additionally, their large-size clutches ensure longer life and reduced slippage.

Following are the two above 44.7 kW (60 HP) tractors Mahindra Tractors offers.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI

This tractor has a 4-way adjustable deluxe seat, a front mudguard to shield you from mud splash, precision hydraulics with a lift capacity of 2,600 kg, a dual diaphragm type clutch and roll over protection for enhanced comfort and safety.

Mahindra Novo 655 DI

This tractor has almost all the same features of the aforementioned tractor. However, its lift capacity is 2,200 kg and a dual dry type clutch. It also has dual-acting power steering and oil immersed multi-disk brakes, which are also available in the aforementioned tractor.

Both of these Mahindra Tractors also spot new metallic decals and metallic red color bodies, technologically superior engines and Digisense, which allows you to remain connected to your tractor through your smart-phone 24 x 7. Their high pump flow ensures faster work completion and high lift capacities are suitable for all types of heavy implements.